Solvent Trap Mini 5" Cleaning Tool

NOW COMES the mini-size solvent trap. Some buyers have requested that we make a smaller solvent trap because not that much solvent is ever collected.  So, we hereby introduce this new design.

This is a mini-size solvent trap for cleaning purposes only.  Avoid those messy spills.  Just screw it on, prior to cleaning the barrel, and the solvent is automatically collected inside the recovery tube.  If you are unfamiliar, please visit the YouTube website to learn how.

  • 1x Tube
  • 1x Adapter, threaded 1/2-28
  • 1x End cap, knurled

  • Weight overall: 2.2 ounces
  • Tube length: 5"
  • Tube outside diameter: 1"
  • Tube inside diameter: .873"
  • Tube wall thickness: .063"
  • Tube inside thread: 29/32"-28 TPI
  • Adapter thread size 1/2-28
  • Inside of tube is seamless and very smooth, like glass.
  • Lighter weight and more compact, compared to other solvent traps.  Reduce the clutter!
  • End cap closes the tube to a variable inside length of up to 1/4" tolerance.  And it is solid, so please don't try to shoot through, because the metal is very thick. Think about it, be safe.
  • End cap also has a small cup on the inside, as a place to put a cotton ball or other absorbent material such as a large tampon.
  • Make from 6061 aluminum tube and solid bar.  No anodized protection. Plain aluminum matte finish.

Solvent Trap Mini, 1/2-28, Aluminum


14 day money back guarantee- You may return the merchandise for any reason if you are not completely satisfied.  There is no re-stocking fee.  The cost of the item will be refunded in full minus the shipping fees.

Solvent Trap Mini is proudly displayed on a Walther P22 pistol